To make money from your used laptop, it would be great to use our instruction to compose the maximally effective post, helping to you sell used laptop and level up your trade skill.


Firstly, it would be great to add a couple of magic words to your heading. They are: in perfect tune. It means: Sell laptop in perfect tune. If it is not perfect, you should better write that your laptop is in a good condition. It is hard to believe, but the simplest words about your laptop good or perfect condition can make wonders. Factually, reading two posts with headlines Sell my laptop and Sell my laptop in a perfect condition, which of them do you choose? Probably, you choose the second one. If your laptop is new, it is better to write that your laptop is in a perfect condition, or you are going to sell a laptop in a perfect condition that was not used before. It is going to be more effective. Also, you may add a little present to your laptop - do not spill the secret yet.

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You know, taking pictures of your gadget that must be sold is the first thing to make money from your used laptop. By the way, it is better to put a real picture instead of download it from the internet. The client will trust you, comparing your description with the pictures. According to this, trading dead laptops, you would better choose another selling variant, like buy-off companies or something. It is enough to put 2-3 pictures, showing your gadget pluses and minuses all around.



1. Emotional Description

This is your chance to show that your client really needs your laptop. As a matter of fact, people usually buy not what they need but what they really want. So, your laptop must be hot desires. If your good description is emotionally hot, it is not difficult to sell it. Otherwise, if the laptop description is dry and official, it can be lost.


2. Discrimination Features or Profit

You can make a list of your laptop features - fast working, easy to use, stylish. This is your stuff. So, you have to know its light and dark sides like no other. Just remember your laptop positive features and list them, making accents to appearance, working ability, component parts.


3. Reasons to Sell

This is a very important point. Of course, you may easily miss it, saying nothing about the real reasons to sell your device. Nevertheless, the question is opened. Just try to avoid such phrases like This silly laptop hacked me off. It works too slowly to use it at least one more time. It is much better to write a nice story like this: Oh, my friend presented me a new laptop a few days ago. Of course, my old laptop is much better with many parameters. Nevertheless, I have to sell it to make pleasure to my friend. Generally speaking, just write something to believe that you are really sorry to say goodbye to your old gadget, but...circumstances warrant.


4. Absolut Economy

The first thing is remembering that you are going to make money from your used laptop. The key word is USED. As far as your gadget is out-of-date, or even almost new, try to write something about the economy. Just give more specificities, figures, and dollars. Avoid using % or words like: You can save lots of money. Try to write: You can save more than 300 $. This is a good step, especially, if the figure is really big. It can be really pleasant for clients to hear the sum of the real economy.


5. Canonic Points - Bonuses

The bonuses are the cherry on the top of a cake for your clients. It was told before that you had to mention the little present in your headline. It sounds like this: Sell my laptop for the cheap + bonus. Speaking about the present, it can be something thematic, but useless for you. Selling laptop, you may offer a laptop bag, stylish mouse, pack of napkins for the present. It is better to describe what you are going to present. as a rule. Clients like concrete information. Do not make surprises!


Finally, it is important to have a present for clients. Of course, if you really want to make money from your used laptop. For example, there can be many posts about selling laptops on the internet. All of them are standard, except yours - you offer a present. Definitely, your post will be popular.

Effective Chip

This is the main principle, making your selling post the most effective message. So, you should remember just three points. They are the correct headline, available pictures, and emotional description with all possible bonuses, economy, and advantages. You should place this post all over your creation and wait for the result. As a matter of fact, trading my old laptop, I could sell it in one day. I sold it because I did not need it anymore. By the way, you may use eBay or Amazon or any other local trade platform. All these methods really work, separating particular your notice among the rest of others.


One more thing: If your laptop is in a good working condition and you want to upsell your goods, having more than one potential buyer, you may appoint a meeting to all of them at the same time. They feel hot competition and start making the price higher. Of course, this works only if you are not going to send your laptop by post and receive money on a cashless basis. Good luck and have a nice trade!

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