The campaign for OE Mars One – 360o wireless HiFi speakers was created recently on The goal was $10,000, but the campaign has done exceedingly well and has already raised more than $45,000. What has attributed to their success? For starters, it’s the remarkable features that these 360o wireless HiFi speakers boast of at an unbeatable price. And secondly, the product is being backed by BoostYourCampaign (Boost Your Campaign), a full-service crowdfunding agency and your ticket to raising all the money you want on any platform you want, be it Kickstarter or Indiegogo!

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Do You Love Concerts?!

Yes, we all live concerts. But sometimes, the tickets can be expensive, the venue can be too far away or your schedule can clash with the concert’s timings. How do you attend the concert then? Host them in your own home with the OE Mars One 360o wireless HiFi speakers! Yes, we aren’t kidding! These amazing speakers are ground-breaking innovations. Featuring a topnotch 360o surround system, these speakers ensure that you don’t compromise on the sound, music, rhythm or track wherever you are.


Let’s Get Your Campaign Some Traction!

The campaign for OE Mars One wireless speaker has been developed by BoostYourCampaign. For more reviews on BoostYourCampaign, check their site here: BoostYourCampaign Review.


So What’s New About These Premium Designed Speakers?!

· A design that is nothing short of remarkable
· A mid-range tweeter
· Powerful woofer providing 360o playback
· Ultra-high power to withstand any kind of response
· A high quality and durable aluminum case that doesn’t affect sound quality in any way
· Two mutual colors to choose from!

With these speakers, you no longer have to worry about the correct speaker settings or placement; you just have to turn on the music and the OE Mars One Speakers will take care of the rest!

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