Facebook ad campaigns have been a hit since they were launched. Almost 6 million businesses out there are using Facebook ad campaigns to reach out to their customers and clients. You can either run your campaigns yourself if you are an expert or you can hire a Facebook ad agency to do the job for you.

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There are several different ad formats that you can use to run your campaigns, but the most common one is known as the Canvas ad. But recently Facebook changed the name, of the format to Instant Experience ad and made several changes to it as well.

Facebook Instant Experience ads are better is so many ways, which is why you should test them out. According to the advertisers who have used them for their campaigns, the format makes the ads more alluring and compelling, which makes it easier for you to communicate with your customers. There are three main reasons why you should try the ads, so let us look at them in detail.


1. Tell your business story

The one thing that every advertiser tries to do is to add less wordy content to an ad because it makes it dull but at the same times, businesses need to tell their whole story to the customers for them to trust the company. This is where instant experience ads come in because they allow you to show your whole business story to your clients. You can start with your mission, idea, concept and the entire list of products and services that you tend to offer.


2. More creative

Instant Experience ads are way more creative than other ads, and this is what makes them more compelling and alluring for the audience. There are several innovative elements that the Instant Experience ads offer to the advertisers, which allows them to create something unique and utterly dedicated to their business.


The best thing about the Instant Experience ads is that you can add anything from images to videos to the carousel, which is something that standard ads don’t have to offer to the advertisers. Plus the bonus point is that the interface of the entire format is quite fantastic and straightforward, which makes it easy for you to set up everything and even change it whenever you want to.

3. Engage with your audience

The main reason behind advertising your business is to get your potential customers to engage with your business. So if you want your customers to engage with your business, then it is better to start with ads that also engage with your audience. There is a variety of components that you can use to get your audience to engage with your ad.


The best feature about Instant Experience ads is that you can also track the amount of time even in seconds that the audience spent viewing your advert. This will help you figure out whether your ads are engaging or not and where you need to make improvements.


These are the three key features that help you run a great ad campaign because these are the features that your potential clients and customers look for in an ad. So try the instant experience ads out and see how they work for your business. So test all the features of the Instant Experience ads and make the best out of them to advertise your business to the potential customers.

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